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Devian Daniels, a public defender, has filed petitions to get on the Democratic Party’s primary ballot for the post of Queens district attorney.
Daniels, in a press release sent to the Chronicle, said she has submitted more than 13,000 signatures, roughly three times the number needed.
Other Democratic candidates include incumbent DA Melinda Katz and retired judge and NYPD official George Grasso.

“Our grassroots movement seeks to give the voters of Queens a real option between a promoter of mass incarceration and a career politician that voted for the death penalty and continues to operate the office of district attorney rife with disparities that negatively impact communities of color,” Daniels said in the release.

“After years of witnessing abuses on the front lines as defense counsel, I am running to keep the residents of Queens safe and to transform the Queens District Attorney’s office into one that is fairer, truly seeks to end mass incarceration, end the criminalization of poverty and to protect everyone’s civil rights,” she added.
Daniels previously has run for judgeships.
She is a graduate of CUNY Law School at Queens College; has practiced law for over 16 years and is a longtime resident of Queens County.
The Democratic Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 27.
-APRIL 27, 2023